Friday, August 10, 2007

Power of Passion with paav bhaji and Prasanna

Else where Team India is enjoying the grand first innings total of 664 (their 4th highest ever) and Kumble spending a happy night for his laudable century scoring effort (may be the happiest one after his 10 wicket in an innings haul ) , here is me smiling at my last night of stay for cupla months in my home ground of Mumbai and leaving tomorrow back to campus (ab yeh pata nahi , how its a coincidence my second writeup comes again when heading back to the IIT ! :) ) .

Speaking of the title , jiski shtory hasnt started at all get this in two nearly disconnected parts . Goes like this ..aage badho !

Part 1 : Worli , Mumbai ..

Me needs to visit a leading global bank for some work and had to go their Worli corporate office .. While locating my destination , just below the premises I see this Bhel puri waala and instantly my urge tells me "ki partha ..once work done i have to have it ..itni door campus chodke mumbai aaye to ! " . Anyways before even i start narrating this chaat eating stint , the office these bank folks had ..Wow ! Not just elegant , posh but much more ? ..And there sits the receptionist who is somewhat better executively dressed than me (Corporate ki bipasha heroine jaise outfits ... receptionist ko woh bhi !) . Ok ..guys , picturise kar liya ..abhi back to my blog jahan choda ! :P . Here is me done with his work and rushes down hurriedly just to see if that bhel puri thela guy is still there ?? Sigh ! he is and there i gobble up cupla chaat items and sandwiches ..and believe me , it was as if quenching my thirst after waiting for a long time.

Not talking of just urges , but somehow i have fallen with love with the kind of delicacies this city has to offer ! Circa April 2007 only ..three DMSers landed here for doing a project with the
Mumbai dabbawaalaas namely : Kayyum Kodithala , Babu Balki and Partha Pager (thats me , of course ) . The work we went for made us return at 1 AM odd times and on the way while we were to walk for few mins increased our bhook . Unwantingly (for my mom and not us , who had asked to come back for dinner at home :) ) , a mast masaaledaar smell of paav bhaji flew past us (even the best of Axe deo variants kuch nahi uske saamne for attractions ! and bulgari types perfumes khareedne ki aukaad meri placements tak to nahi hai ) . What next ? Kayyum , Babu and Partha glance at each other , just wating for a slightest nod (ki bhai ..chal na , thoda sa to !) and off we are to this roadside stall finishing up the whole thing in 2 mins (babu major chunk khatam kar gaya usme bhi as always :P !!) . Love for food is one of the common likings which binds us ..and we hadnt started or gonna stop here doing crazy stints with other campus mates for food :) , may call it the power of passion ?

Part 2 :

The example here is the person whom i usually take as how the Power of Passion can change your life and that when you are determined to do so. Guitar Prasanna , a contemporary guitarist and composer who has the unique credit of playing Carnatic Music in guitar . For the unknowns , he is the one credited for orchestration and arrangements for Lagaan's title score . Well , before him no one had thought of such a thing .And with a smallest drop of carnatic music knowhow , it isnt easy getting classical raagas and gamakas in such an instrument. More than the credits , check out his biography . Prasanna is a BTech from IIT Madras and to pursue his passion for music , he went on to earn himself a degree from Berklee College of Music in Boston. At this age of late 30s , he has played not only with the leading Indian classical artistes but at many of the popular International Music festivals and with equally legendary names in the global arena (all genres like Jazz , Fusion , Classical , Rock ) ! Call it the Power of Passion ! Yes i should (and so no question marks at the end as in my example 1 ) and seriously believe in it ...

Think about it ..meanwhile i get back to campus.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Me , Myself and the Harry-ana Puttars...

Ladies , Gentlemen and khaas bhai log …Ab itni door tahalte tahalte mere blogshpot me firsht time aaye toh , padne ka kasht bhi kar lo …mera bhi yeh first time hai.

Here I am penning this down in the GoAir flight (which was itself a kinda achievement to catch ) on the journey back to campus for my MBA (Doosra saal). Now for the special folks here (Define Special Folks ? : Beings who have made cool as well as desperate attempts to this eggjams called CAT , JAT , JAYMET , etc and got into the Bschool population or the fever of givin these sometime in life has struck you ) , the obvious question should be “from where??” . Answer hai : DMS, IIT Delhi . Baaki details whenever mood karega …;)

Man ! As it is Mumbai rains rock …and It goes along so well with me all these 24 years plus 24 more months (bas .. ) (yaar meri umar yeh padne waali college ki ladkiyon ke liye nahi but placement ke kuch companies ke liye chupana padta hai aaj kal . CV shortlist ho jaaye kya pata ) . These rains almost always burst out when I go out for something me required on time . In other seasons there is always its best friend called “Mumbai traffic jam” (U had ur zindagi once these 2 guys meet together in this city ! ) .

Just as I made it to the airport completely drenched like “a fully watered heroine in a steamy scene of B-grade movies” saying “Ha Ha , hey Mumbai ! another tussle won” , here comes another stopover . Go Air waali counter madamji sternly putting it “Sir , you are exceeding luggage by 10 kilos. Please pay for it”
Come on , main bhi MBA padta hua manager hoon , tried the somewhat OK negotiation skills (DMS bros ..its a confession now , dont laugh pls !) , I used some of the lines below :

1. “Ma’am its bad you are doing this to a regular cusshhtomer” (Reality : pehli baar travelling thru Go Air :P)
2. “And this hardly exceeds 3 ,4,5 kilos above 20 …20 is allowable already” ..Airhostess replies “Sir its 15 kilos which is the limit ! ” ..(Reality : I as well knew this )
3. “But then I hardly have 2 -3 kilos of handbag ..its balanced overall :P” (Reality : 3 -4 kilo ka tha mera lappy hi tha plus meri college committee ki amanat )

Kabhi life me zaroorat pade , go ahead use them :P …keep paying royalties out of the money saved !
Conclusion : “Sir , Pay up Rs 560 if you have to get it through” ..and I walked away in dismay (lagta hai ek aur saal theek se Marketing padna padega )

Back near the washroom now , with the CAT type section DI praablem where I had too many things weighing 25 kilos but need to show it as 15 kilos. Bag kholo and rearrangement of stuff here and there starts J . The main character of this scene being my underestimated lappy bag (which I always sweared at for not being able to hold more than handful of items) enjoyed the VVVIP status like a MLA visit in a a village school. All physical acts of shuffling done and throwing away with just cupla soaps (or so) , I hurry back again to the counter having my cabin lappy bag right behind my shoulders so as to hide the “5 saal ke bachche ke muh me forcibly stuffed laddoo” look and pushed the baggage with confidence (isme koi kami nahi hai , after all 1 yr yahi to karke nikala hai management degree main :P ) for weighing. (Thoughts thou on wats gonna be the new weight ..aisa anxieties nowadays I get in finance answer sheets revelation just to know if I crossed my previous pathetic records ) ... OK ! The counter lady says 20 kg and here I am back to Tips 1 , 2 and 3 this time with exuberance (ki behenji this time if you not taking it , it’s a crime ! ) ..And cupla convincing words here and there ..yes ! marching towards boarding gate …

Seated in one of the aisle seats , all this time it dint come to my mind that I am still in the “Movie me drenched heroine” types condition and AC fully chalu meaning its gonna be like a 2 hour paid stay in the freezer of a refrigerator! To escape the chilled Kashmir weather kinda feeling , I hoped my vacant seats besides get occupied with some gori-chitti nice looking gal (come on ..har ek banda hopes for it even though he is aware that he just travelling on a 1 Rupee ticket :P ,kab sudhroge yaar ..J ! ). Hopes dashed , Doubts confirmed ..that its a “No-frills” airline in all aspect including this one . Ab kya , obviously turn back to see someone behind hai kya if not beside ??

Outcome : Three sturdy ,rash looking men talking in ekdam Haryanvi lingo and exhibiting it clearly that it’s the first stint in a vimaan..and then comes some fun which was to make up for the missing pseudo-Bipasa who thou was to sit besides but missed at last moment due to Mumbai rains :P (consolation at work ??)

Flight lands , Delhi arrives , Baggage taken ,off to IIT Hauj Khaj Hostel Gate , got into my new Single room dwelling in Nils hostel

Now starts the part of my life called “Special- isation”

Special in what terms bole to : Campus life is so much fun . Back to meet my school and campus buddies.”Wake up Dude!” and complete the requisite finance course credits . And all important placements ka semeshter for that matter

PS : The fun with Harry-ana puttars some other time next blog me ..the attempt to justify the mention they got in the title itself

Till then ..Keep walking !